Live support session.

We use a secure, professional remote control programme called “LogMeIn Rescue”, which allows us to remotely control your computer at your request & authorisation. After we have finished the work & disconnected from your computer, we cannot log back in again, therefore leaving your computer in a secure state.

These instructions assume that your default web browser is Firefox.

Contact us by email or telephone to obtain an access code. For secuirity purposes, this code must be used within 20 minutes.

Enter the code in the box on the main page & click "Connect to Technician".

This will trigger a file to download.

Click to Save the file.


After the file has downloaded, from within Firefox, click TOOLS, then click DOWNLOADS.


Double-click the “Support-LogMeInrescue.exe” file. This will install the file.


The support chat box will open.


Within a few seconds, you will get a message warning you that we are about to log in to your computer. For your security, the box has a count-down which will automatically refuse the connection if you do not click a button.

Click Yes to allow me to log in.


During the remote work, we can either converse on the phone, Skype or type to each other in the chat box.

After the remote session is over, you can delete the downloaded Support file if it is on your desktop.